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Welcome Wind and Rain Overwatch

POSTED BY Jon Quinn January 11, 2019

Wind and Rain is excited to announce our new Overwatch team for 2019!

Our roster has been together since the beginning of Overwatch Open Division EU 2018 Season 3, and hasn’t changed since! That’s why we are truly proud of our synergy and teamwork. Originally under the Tea&Biscuits name, we managed to reach Overwatch Contenders Trials EU 2018 Season 3. But, we are hungry for more. We are determined and motivated. With the new year, new season, and new branding under Wind and Rain, we believe we will be able to qualify for Overwatch Contenders EU in 2019. Our players are focused on the target and we won’t stop until we reach our goals.

The new roster:

Flex Support: Minicunga -Alex Padial Hidalgo, Spain | |

Main Support: Webster – Igor Jędrys, Poland | |

Off Tank: Roten – Tore Salomonsson, Sweden | |

Flex DPS: Philion – Norman Rutkiewicz, Poland | |

Hitscan DPS: Lynnnnnx –  Kaya Chan, UK | |

Main Tank: Valmaster – Valentin Petit, France | |

Head Coach: Miimees – Louis-Alexandre Roux, Canada | |

Manager: Muffin –  Karolina Szymańska, Poland | |

Be on the lookout for us in the coming season as we compete for our spot in Overwatch Contenders EU!