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If you are interested in a position that is open or feel as if you can bring something additional to the organization, please email: with the position you are applying for, why you are a good fit for that position, and any sample work or relevant experience for that position.

Note: we always suggest a 90 days probation/voluntary period in order to be sure that you are the one we are looking for. After this period, you will be eligible for a tentative fixed salary, tickets to tournaments, merchandise, and items from our sponsors.

Junior Social Media Manager
WAR is looking for a social media manager in order to be closer to our fans. If you spend most of your life in Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram you may have what we need. Applications to

Graphic Designer
WAR is looking for a graphic designer that may help us be away from the meming zone. Paint is always welcome, but it will be nice to have some PS and Adobe Premier knowledge or something comparable. Show us what you have and send your application to

Video Editor
WAR is looking for a video editor who can put our cool brand in motion. If you like to make some players and team montage with highlights and video tutorials, this is the perfect place for you. Knowledge of Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier or comparable is appreciated. Send your application to

News Writer
WAR is looking for a news writer that can help us sharing our achievements and roster updates with our fans. Let your journalist-self free and send your application to

WAR is looking for a game host to show our fans our passion for LoL matches. If you have the energy and attitude needed to report matches and bring hype to our watchers just send your application to

WAR is looking for a game analyst who can participate in our strategy definition and check if they are working or not. We want to be a first-class LoL team and you may be the one that can help us reaching that goal. Applications to

English Grammar Editor
WAR are look to english grammar editor to check and correcting our news and posts. If you are a native english speaker or you have the needed english level, send your application to