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Wind And Rain is excited to announce our North American League of Legends roster. Managed by Daniel “Korra” Climans, this challenger roster will play at Dreamhack in Montreal, Canada in September. We are excited by their passions for competing both in and out of game as well as their work ethic and synergy amongst each other.

Top lane:
Mitchell “Cavele” DeJong
Dutch Canadian, Age: 17
Cavele’s twitter – @Cavelelol

David “eThug” Peterkin
Canadian, Age: 18
eThugs’s twitter – @ethugNA

Mid Lane:
Jason “Wasori” Vu
United States
Wasori’s twitter – @Wasorilol

Attack Damage Carry:
Noah “NoahMost” Mostacero
United States, Age: 18
Noahmost’s twitter – @NoahMostLoL

Eric “Painless” Fedder
United States, Age: 24
Painless’s twitter – @painlessdeath22


Coach / Manager:

Daniel “Korra” Climans
Canada, Age: 24
Korra’s twitter- @Daniel_Korra