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As Dreamhack Montreal draws near, a decision had to be made with the current state of the roster. While competing under the name of an established professional Challenger Series organization, the goal is to win and compete at the highest level.

With a heavy heart NoahMost and Painless will not be playing at Dreamhack under this roster. I wish to thank them for their positive attitudes, professional work ethic, putting up with me, and truly giving their 110% to the team each and every day.

I am confident both of these players will make it to the professional status of play in the franchised LCS. Noah strives to be the best he can be and has proven himself to be a great teammate and friend. Painless has demonstrated to be a team leader in discussions and taking responsibilities in game that shall be missed.

We are pleased to welcome our newest bot lane of Tails (@TailsJJ) and ConsensualClown (@ConsensuaLcLown) for Dreamhack Montreal. Tails has a large amount of experience in the professional scene and collegiate & Clown is well known on the solo queue ladder and is committed to becoming a professional player in LCS.

Please support this roster on social media and stay tuned for further updates before and during Dreamhack Montreal!

Painless stream:
Painless Twitter: @painlessdeath22
NoahMost Twitter: @NoahMostLoL

Daniel Korra