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Wind and Rain’s New Merch, and a Message From Our Director!

POSTED BY Jon Quinn June 6, 2019

We are excited to announce the drop of our new merchandise in partnership with Gamers Apparel!

Please head over to where you can now see all of our jerseys and apparel for sale!


In light of our new merch dropping, our director, Michael, would like the share the following statement:

Over the course of the last few months we have worked very hard to set ourselves up with a concept that we hope allows for us to stand out amongst other esports teams and also give our fans the understanding of what we stand for.

The first steps we took towards this was to identify a national focus and develop our approach around this; looking at our history, our beginnings go back to the Nordic Championships but later branched out to the UK so it seemed natural to focus on these.

Since the start of 2019, we have primarily focused on our team acquisitions to be present in the most prominent national leagues within Sweden and the UK. At this moment in time, it is our goal to be a place for some of the best homegrown regional talent that we aim to grow until they are ready to compete with the best players around the globe.

Furthermore we came up with our characters of “Wind” and “Rain” who are the viking embodiments of the regions we act in; they allow us to convey emotions of our teams and players, rather than just standard results and match announcement posts. As our players feel the excitement of every win or the bittersweet taste of a loss, we want you to be a part of this journey and experience the wild ride that esports can be and we want you, the storm, to be on this journey every step of the way with us. We want you to accompany our two fierce viking warriors “Wind” – the stormy swedish viking princess and “Rain” the seasoned, brave and relentless warrior who stands for the UK and become a part of our viking warriors.

Lastly we have partnered with “GamersApparel” for our new apparel and jersey design. We wanted these to be more than just “Wind and Rain” jerseys, we want to give them a meaning and something to stand for. The way we decided to do that was to make them not only about us, but also about the regions we deeply care for and associate with. So that when you wear that jersey you are not only showing your support for us but also to the group you want to support and see grow. The symbols we used on those jerseys are connected to the viking runic writing and read “Wind” and “Rain” respectively. All revenue we generate from the sales of those will directly go towards our regional budget of each region.

On top of those we have also worked on a variety of apparel that we believe to be gamer friendly and appreciated but also wearable without the context of esports, making them usable in more occasions than just the next LAN event but also something you can wear to school, university or while doing grocery shopping.

I hope you appreciate our efforts, welcome our characters and follow us across our social media, with or without our apparel. Without you, the storm, consisting of our fans, followers, players and even those who enjoy watching amazing competitive games; we simply cannot exist and we want to build a deeper relationship with all of you. Understanding your needs, your feedback and your ideas,we want to hear from you and work on what you all want to see in the future!

Until then, I hope to see you during one of our many upcoming and glorious battles!