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After announcing our new Fortnite team this week, we at Wind and Rain are not only reaching another milestone, but are also bursting a big bomb to make our journey into being a top European esport organizations.
After many hurdles, we are proud to announce, that we will participate in this year’s The International Open Qualifier with our new DOTA2 team.
We are looking forward to the challenges ahead of us, not only to stand in The International, but also in the future with other major tournaments to play along for the top teams around the world

Our Dota2 roster for The International 2018 Open Qualifier

Ravindu „Ritsu“ Kodippili – Carry
Jonathan „Bryle“ De Guia – Mid
Sangon „Forev“ Lee – Offlane
Milan „Milan“ Kozomara – Support
Kartik „Kitrak“ Rathi – Support

Statement Michael Schorr (CEO)

Dota for me personally has always been a great personal passion. So i am really happy to see the team compete for our organisation in the future and to be able to fight for the qualification for such a prestigious tournament like “The International 2018“. I think we have great players with great individual skills, but together we are not only one team. We Are WaR!

You can join our journey through the #TI8 Open Qualifiers tomorrow at 16h CES