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Wind And Rain 1v1 Open Tourney

POSTED BY WAR Awaking November 4, 2017

Grab your gear and prepare yourself for the first of many WAR tournaments! The winner will be crowned as the true 1v1 king (or queen) of all the warriors.
The winner and runner up from the tournament will win the skin of their choice with 1820 being max value.
Sign-ups will be via a form and only players with an EUW account are eligible.

After the sign-up phase has ended, the bracket can be seen here:

Game Mode: Howling Abyss, Blind Pick, Best-of-1
The classic 1v1 rules will be applied, which means:
You can win:
– by First Blood
– by First Turret
– by reaching 100cs first
Finals will be held in a Best-of-3

Participants have to be a member of the official WAR discord

The sign-up phase ends at the 9th November, 6pm CET
Until the semi-finals, the players have to get in contact with their opponents and set up a date for the match (max. 24h after the previous round/this announcement).
The semi-finals and finals will be held on the same day and will be streamed on this twitch channel:

The date of the semi-finals and finals will be announced separately.

We wish you the best and a lot of fun!