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Welcome Wind and Rain Dota2

POSTED BY Jon Quinn May 11, 2019

Dota2 Team Announcement

Wind and Rain is very proud to present our new Dota2 Lineup and re-enter the Dota2 Scene again.

With the announcement of our new lineup, we also want to give some background on our decision and plan.

Back last year, when we entered Dota2 for the first time, it all happened rather fast for us.

We got offered the opportunity to work with a great team consisting of some big names with the main goal to qualify for TI8.

The run we had with the team taught us a lot. About us, about Dota, about the community and it left us with the desire to be a part of this great game.

Ever since we knew we would not be able to keep our former roster we have been speaking with various stacks and free agents in Europe in an effort to be part of this DPC season. But for various reasons, things were not meant to work out.

Today we can say: Probably for the best.

The season might be almost over, EU might be the most stacked it has ever been, yet we are signing and announcing our new team more comfortable and convinced than we have ever been.

When we entered the Dota2 Scene a lot of people were saying we are one of these organisations just coming for TI, and at the time this was true.

However we have signed a long term contract with our new lineup as we are convinced that given the time and continuous support of an organisation, these guys will be able to become a real competitor even in a region as stacked as Europe.

We have interviewed countless candidates, watched countless scrims before making a decision, and concluded that this mix of experienced, smart veteran players paired with some of the best, hungry talent of the ladder checks all the boxes for us.

We will use the remaining competitions of the 2018-2019 DPC season to try to get our foothold, while knowing that any qualifications will be rather difficult while we focus mainly to be the best team we can be for the 2019-2020 season.

Be prepared, a storm is brewing.

The new team:

🇵🇱FEY – Twitter

🇲🇰ANDREJ – Twitter

🇱🇹ZIPZAPPER – Twitter

🇷🇴COMEWITHME – Twitter

🇵🇱EL LISASH – Twitter


Support the team as they compete in the Epicenter Major EU Qualifier #1!