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We are happy to continue our 2018 growth with this exciting announcement:

In the last two years I managed a couple of Counter Strike Teams in the top scene. After some months without a team in this scene I’m super proud to officially announce the first CS:GO team in the history of Wind and Rain. During the last weeks we talked a lot about possible teams for WaR and with recruiting Stifmeister, we found the perfect team to represent us not only in the international scene while playing the ESEA Mountain Dew League. They are also playing the UK Premiership which started yesterday with an convincing 16:5 win! I’m looking forward to this cooperation and cant wait to cheer for our newest addition to our WaR family! Welcome boys! #WeAreWaR #WaRCSGO

Andreas ‘shadjEAh’ Pullitzky – GM Wind and Rain

Welcome to Wind and Rain to:

And their first statement after joining us:

We are delighted to announce that we have joined up with Wind & Rain for the foreseeable future. After qualifying for ESEA MDL we have been searching for the right partners to help develop and promote our team of young and talented individuals. I have been a part of this line-up since we began our MDL campaign and aim to use my experience as a player and in-game leader to help establish this team in Europe, as well as continue our strong start to the season. I have been extremely impressed with the progress that we have shown so far, despite having such a young and inexperienced line-up and I am positive that this will continue given the right amount of time and support. Outside of ESEA, we will be competing in the ESL UK premiership and shall be looking to enter any European tournaments or qualifiers that are available to us.

Neil “nEiLZiNHo” Finlay