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Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Wind and Rain as we start the week of announcements off with a highlight. In December we concluded that in order to take the next step in developing ourselves as an organisation we would need to take on the process of expanding and diversifying. We started considering various opportunities and options. One title that stuck was Starcraft2. With its recent availability as a free2play title, Blizzard’s support and Starcraft2 having one of the the longest and most glorious histories within esport, it seemed like a interesting title to explore more. When I started looking into Starcraft I honestly didn’t knew much about it. And I felt that it would be a very mechanical-based title. Boy was I wrong as its in fact a very deep title with lots of decisionmaking, strategies and excitement, thats surprisingly easy to follow and understand. After doing my research I decided to take my chances on a longshot and messaged Ben, asking about his goals and ambitions to join a team. When he finally actually replied I was more than happy and we started talking more. It was at this time, that I also started watching his stream and it didn’t took me one more day to know that there is no better fit for WAR. His stream is, in my eyes, not only one of the best Starcraft Streams but also one of the best streams around. It only took me a couple of hours to feel like I was part of a scene i barely knew before, I learned the game, I learned the inside-jokes, I got to know the community and I knew that I want to do the best I can to bring Ben to WAR. We look forward to support Ben in all his efforts, be it bringing him to more events again, support his stream or support his casting-gigs, as we love what he does. We cant await to create many enjoyable moments with Ben and the SC2 community and I hope we may see some of you guys already at DH Leipzig :).

Michael Schorr, Wind and Rain Managing Director

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