Marco “Shelby” Longo

Performance coach

    Started coaching as academy coach with enigma in early 2016 and moved on with idomina esports as head coach for till end of november 2016. Got nice challenger series battleground 5th place with full italian team and joined AEQ as head coach and formed the 3rd placed team of spring split 2017.Joined Singluarity(team that made 2nd in Ragnarok 2017 srping) and had to leave it cause of personal issues. Joined again Next Gaming and won the two italian tournaments one against 4G (former Jizuke team). After that created german roster and qualified to German eps through major ladder and joined then WAR as Head performance coach.

    Enigma Jannuary 2016-June2016
    Idomina eSports june 2016- November 2016 (3rd Milano Gamesweek)
    Next Gaming December 2016 (5th challenger series Battleground)
    AEQ December2016 February 2017
    Next Gaming April 2017 – June 2017 (1st Italian Gaming League, 1st Legacy Go Pro)
    War June2017- now


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