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Today we can proudly introduce you our new partner LOOT.BET

The platform is a great place for the real esports fans. Within the dozen titles of esports disciplines find the one that suits you and get involved!  Root for your favorite team with an exceptional rewards that are given out to active users on a weekly basis!

This partnership will be strengthening our ties with the esports community and provide yet another great outlet for our fans to get involved with a variety of games by using LOOT.BET. In addition to this, LOOT.BET will be integrating our discount code WAR into their services which will DOUBLE your first deposit! We at Wind and Rain are thrilled that our community can get involved with the opportunity to win exponential rewards whilst enjoying the benefits of watching their favorite esports matches.

Wondering how LOOT.BET works? LOOT.BET provides a betting service for a number of esports titles. Users are able to watch LIVE games with access to real time match odds. In addition, rewards are given out to active users on a weekly basis! The service accepts real money transactions but if that’s not for you then you can use skins or even Bitcoin. LOOT.BET offers one of the largest varieties of supported esports game titles to choose from to suit each fan!

We’re hoping our cooperation with LOOT.BET will blossom into a long-lasting partnership!

Never miss an opportunity and head on over NOW to test your mite!