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League of Legends: LGC Season 3 | All the names

POSTED BY WAR Awaking November 17, 2017

The big return of the LGC comes with some new names on it. Here we cover the list of teams.

Just two days left for the return of one of the biggest leagues in the Balkans. Yes … the League of Legends Greek Championship (LGC) is set for the third season. On 18 November, the action begins with strong battles, emotions and background not only for the champion title but also for the prize pool of 21.000 €. As for the protagonists, they are no other than the players and their teams.


  1. KlikTech

The newly-formed but promising Croats are coming from the ESL Vip Adria League. With our “own” Ilias Theodorou as coach the games are expected to be very interesting.

  • Toplane: Toni “Sacre” Sabalić
  • Jungle: Luka “kaLuGG” Todorović
  • Midlane: Mihail “Shripel” Petrov
  • ADC: Nikola “NikolaSenpai” Đorđević
  • Support: Dimitar “EdinPriqtel” Piskov
  • Substitutes: Aljoša “Milica” Kovandžić
  1. Bontech

Also a Croatian team set up in August 2017. In this short time they managed to finish second in the group stage of the ESL Vip Adria League.


  • Toplane: Bruno “Darkrai” Ivancic
  • Jungle: Daniel “Bager” Labus
  • Midlane: Ivan “John” Vulinec
  • ADC: Petar “Pitar” Caleta
  • Support: Dino “LiMiT” Tot


  1. Greek Regenesis eSports

Last year’s champions, with more experience and maturity, come to defend their title and offer their own show the way they only know. “Our players are fully prepared and ready to go into the battle and claim the title” they wrote on their official Facebook page and we can only wait for November 18th.


  • Toplane: Dimitris “Freezy” Kouziokas
  • Jungle: Stefan “Stefan” Nikolić
  • Midlane: Giannis “Dom1nant” Vorgazlis
  • ADC: Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos
  • Support: Dimos “WildPanda” Dimitriadis
  • Substitutes: Lefteris “Lelenaga” Papadopoulos, Igor “Tasteless” Radusinović


  1. Different Dimension eSports

Last year they finished the championship in fourth place. That’s exactly the same way they ended in season 1. Will they be able to show their real abilities this time?


  • Troplan: Christofors “Warrior Lady” Kleiotis
  • Jungle: Son Ji “Pixy” Woo
  • Midlane: Dimitris “Sveronis” Sveronis
  • ADC: Nikolaos “Bananito” Fakis
  • Support: Christos “Naimiria” Paralikis


  1. Nexus Gaming

With many participations and distinctions both in Romania and abroad, Nexus is one of the big challenges in the tournament.


  • Toplane: Alexandros “Delitto” Karalis
  • Jungle: George “Speedy” Savu
  • Midlane: Emanuel “Emi” Ursachi
  • ADC: Mihai “2Axes” Borzasi
  • Support: Octav “ang” Cretu


  1. Rift Esports

Their headquarters are in Budapest. The Hungarians appear for the first time on the Greek stage. It seems, however, that it’s an organization that has several successes being the most recent, the qualification in the online playoffs of the ESL Southeast European Championship.


  • Zopan: “Coat” Laurentiu
  • Jungle: Jonatan “Sezzer” Vilebro
  • Midlane: Viktor “Kubu” Toth
  • ADC: Bence “Benzz” Valyi-Nagi
  • Support: Emil “Grisen” Brouwer
  • Substitutes: Dominik “Dome” Woroszavsky, Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev


  1. Wind And Rain

After finishing first place in the Challenger Serier Qualifier 2017 playoffs, they are ready for another trip. “Another trip is about to begin, another miracle is necessary. The dawn of a new battle awaits the warriors… for Wind and Rain this is nothing but regularity” they usually report in their social media accounts.


  • Poplar: Andrei “Oromë” Popa
  • Jungle: Lilleengen “Sharp” Anders
  • Midlane: Afdal “Tivityy” Sondre
  • ADC: Marin “ProxeYY” Vlahovic
  • Support: Labros “Labrov” Papoutsakis


  1. WL Gaming

A growing organization, which has recently reached its stable roster. They are:


  • Toplane: Vladimir “Samanan” Dimov
  • Jungle: Nikolaos “Nikolex” Kechris
  • Midlane: Ivan “Paranoia” Tipuhov
  • ADC: Feelix “Laatch” Melin
  • Support: Christodoulos “Leo” Leodaras
  • Substitute: Marios “Royal” Papachristopoulos