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Interview with Coach Alex “Kazehaya” Hirst, Ragnarök winner Polite and Mature

POSTED BY WAR Awaking April 30, 2017

Hello Kazehaya congratulation for you fantastic win at Ragnarok!

– Which member of your team was the protagonist of the tournament?
If I would have to name a protagonist, I would have to say DanDan DD because he steped up and made huge plays throughout the tournament, although he didn’t step up to his usual level in the final he made multiple huge plays and had his interesting picks which made the difference in important games like the jax pick against Arin1.

– What future goal do you have with the team?
Right now the team has momentum, we have upset multiple teams that were favoured to beat us and any one of our players can step up when we need them too and as a unit they can step up against teams that look like favourites, so I am hoping we can carry the momentum from Ragnarok over to CSQ and upset to qualify for Challenger Series and who knows from there.

– As a coach, which LCS player would you like to train?
If I could work with any LCS player then it would be Vizicsaci, I personally think that he is a great all around player and personally I have been a Unicorns of Love fan for many years too and have enjoyed watching him grow and improve as a player and think he is now one of the best European players of all time and feel like he will go down as a legend like Froggen and xPeke.

– What advice could you give to the kids who want to start to play competitive LoL?
Anyone who is planning on working on towards getting into profesional League of Legends I would honestly say that for the players just focus on having large champion pools, you don’t want to be know as that one trick, also don’t be toxic either, when I sit and look at possible players with my team, if anyone says oh that guys toxic or that guy is a one trick we don’t even consider them for trials as they would not be someone that we would want to work with. As for coaches, analysts, managers, make friends, whenever you scrim a team add there manager or coach and just talk to everyone, you never know who will be the person who will give you that big break that you need to get into the profesional scene.