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Regional LoL teams will have the honor of watching a successful European organization in the Balkan Esports League that already has a team at the EU CS League. This team, Wind and Rain, also has formed three more teams which are competing in Germany, in Italy and in the Balkans. The question is what we can expect from them in the EBL League.

Wind and Rain is known for recognizing talented players in all the regions and for the Esports Balkan League they have decided to make the roster with three Balkan players and two reinforcements from Norway.

As you may already know, the rules for the EBL League are identical to the LCS: Wind and Rain may use up to three foreign players for the jungle and mid lane positions. The rest of the team is completed by one player from Romania, Croatia and Greece.

The top lane will be played by Popa “Orome” Andrei, the Romanian top laner who has started his career following the steps of the famous EU LCS top player from H2K Andreia “Odoamne” Pascua, and we don’t know if it is a coincidence that he also likes playing Gangplank. Orome prefers aggressive champions, that’s why you will often see him playing solo Q champions like Camille or Fiora, and he has also a fair amount of games with the forgotten Aatrox. Let’s see if he decides to show everything he can do with him in one of the EBL matches! He is currently Diamond 1 and Master on the EUW servers.

Norwegian jungler Anders “Sharp” Lilleengen is one of two foreign players who will play for this team. He likes playing the brilliant Lee Sin, as well as Elise and Rek’Sai, who helped him make it to the Challenger Rankings inside one of the strongest LoL division, where he currently has about 600 LP. He doesn’t seem to be interested on playing neither Rengar nor his great enemy Kha’Zix, whose popularity in this tournament teams changes constantly, but that may change after some patches.

Sondre “Tivty” Wagsas Afdal is the other Norwegian on the team. This Master EUW player likes to play Syndra and Orianna, as well as Viktor, LeBlanc and Taliyah – which has the best performance on his solo Q plays with 65% win rate. It will be interesting to see if he will be the main target for the opponent team.

Challenger bot lane is formed by the Croatian-Greek combination of Marin “ProxeYY” Vlaohović and Labros “Labrov” Papoutsakis. ProxeYY is known as a great Caitlyn player, also known for his Tristana, Kog’Maw, Xayah and Twitch, while Labrov is extremely versatile, so we can expect seeing him on many different champions during the first matches of the league.

Wind and Rain will potentially be a big challenge for teams in the region who are already used to playing against each other, and as they have a lot of experience and a good synergy within their teams, we will say that some of them are a little bit relaxed. Depending on how well the talented players of WaR perform, there is a real chance of not only seeing them as a serious threat, but also as a huge obstacle for them in gaining the reigning title.

This is definitely a team we would like to see alongside their first season and predict how successful they will be. That’s why it will be particularly interesting watching all their matches, that may also be a great indicator for what international organizations should and shouldn’t do if they want to bring a strong team to the Balkans that can actually face the strongest teams in the region.

So once again, the Wind and Rain EBL roster will be:

Top lane – Popa “Orome” Andrei,

Jungle – Anders “Sharp” Lilleenge

Mid lane – Sondre “Tivty” Wagsas Afdal

ADC – Marin “ProxeYY” Vlaohović

Support – Labros “Labrov” Papoutsakis

Original Article by – Vladimir Belopavlović