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The Worlds Group Stage is over. We all remember the unconventional strategies by the Gigabyte Marines, Wolf’s stunning engage on Rakan which turned the game against EDG and Fnatic’s miracle run to advance to the quarterfinals.
But there’s a lot more going on, especially behind the scenes. The broadcast itself enables the matches, the players to stand in the spotlight.
I was given the opportunity to be a part of the German broadcast “Summoner’s Inn” which had about 21000 viewers on average in the first week of Worlds, and take a look what it takes to turn on the “spotlight”.

Pascal “KrokettenKalle” Becker is the host of the analyst desk where I had my appearance on.
And just like me, this was his first Worlds on stream.

“In the beginning, I definitely needed time to get used to all this, especially because I was never a “Social Media Guy” who posts pictures on Instagram every day or waits for reactions on Twitter”, Becker says, “yes, I’m living a dream but I won’t stand still, I want to improve each and every day.”
His main task is the preparation of the analyst desk. Taking care of the analysts, discuss relevant replays he wants to show the community and let the analysts explain them and communicating closely with the casters.
One of those casters is Maurice “Mori” Lange, he’s literally the veteran of Summonner’s Inn.

For over seven years now, Lange is a full-time shoutcaster in esports.
Compared to his early days in Starcraft, the technical side of the broadcast has improved drastically.
“At the start of my career, I was basically a radio host/caster because the internet connection back then wasn’t capable of doing a video live stream,” Mori points out, “while now, you have big stadiums, studios full of fans and a whole production staff behind.”

While working independently, Summonner’s Inn has a good cooperation with Riot Games. Through a live chat, Riot informs them immediately about substitutions, reasons of pauses and further relevant information. Additionally, from time to time Riot gives the German broadcast crew the opportunity to cast the games on site. That happened in the EU LCS Spring Split finals in Hamburg and according to Mori, it was a life experience.

And by the way, from their own studios, Summonner’s Inn also broadcasts us, Wind and Rain, since they’re the one responsible for the German ESL livestream.

Alexander Salzberger