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Founded in May of 2017, Wind and Rain began with a clear mission- to become a leading esports organisation in the United Kingdom - and all of Europe - within two years.


The first step in our mission was to field  a quality, exciting esports product, beginning with League of Legends and then expanding to other titles.


Wind and Rain has already realised a successful completion of first stage corporate development.  We accomplished this by working with grassroot U.K. and European talent,  promoting the U.K. market throughout Europe and establishing a respected, well known brand.


Today we operate  3 premier esports pillars in the U.K.  League of Legends, CSGO and Starcraft II - all competing at the highest national level.  We have also maintained a strong presence all over Europe and competed twice in North America, with various teams in Germany, Greece, Italy, The Balkan region and competitions in Montreal and Oakland.


Given our almost unmatched success and dominant position in the U.K. market, we feel we are the premier esports company currently in the U.K.  Wind and Rain now has a solid foundation of success and growth to begin reaching out to Sponsor Partners who see not only the strong product we already have, but even greater possibilities in our upcoming second year.

Blue Shore Gaming LTD, 2nd Floor, College House, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, England, HA4 7AE.

  • Mike Hunnersen CEO/Owner Mike Hunnersen
  • Michael Schorr CEO/Managing Director Michael Schorr
  • Sven Münnich General Manager Sven Münnich

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