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Today is the turn of our Support AOD, 20 questions arrive after last week’s Larssen:


1) When did you start playing league of legends and why?

1) I started playing LoL at the end of season 2, I was only testing the game on the recommendation of some friends and I got really into it.

2) Favorite Champions?

2) My favorite champions are playmaking ones, especially Bard and Thresh.

3) What was your first ever gamer tag?

3) Has always been AoD, but at the beginning I was named the long version of AoD, which is Angel of Death.

4) Most important League of Legends achievement?

4) Winning challenger series with H2K.

5) Zombie Apocalypse, which champion you wish you had on your side?

5) Taliyah with a blue buff : >

6) Your first “main” champion?

6) Janna

7) What was your favorite Cartoon as a kid?

7) Naruto

8) What is your favorite item?

8) Knight’s Vow

9) What was your best soloQ rank?

9) 800 lp challenger

10) Do you have any tattoos? If you were to get one/new one what would it be?

10) Don’t have any but if i’d get one it would probably be a cool scorpion on my right wrist.

11) What’s your ideal day?

11) Wake up, make coffee and eat, play all day, sleep, repeat. After a while chill for 2-3 days or even 1 week to completely reset from the exhaustion that comes with this and then do it all over again.

12) What is your pregame ritual if you have one?

12) I warm up my wrists before I start playing to avoid wrist injury, nothing else.

13) What’s your favorite italian food?

13) Pizza

14) The best advice to support players to climb soloQ ladder?

14) Roam and sacrifice your adc if he’s bad, never let yourself go down with him and let him lose the game just to babysit someone who can’t carry, there’s more carries on the rift who are probably better!

15) What do you do to relax after a League of Legends team workout?

15) Watch some tv series that fits the mood and chill.

16) Your favorite LCK player?

16) Mata

17) The best support you faced?

17) Ignar

18) What advice would you give gamers whose parents are againts videogaming?

18) It’s a very hard situation to be in, I have been in it myself and sometimes there’s room for flexibility and you can focus on your gaming career but sometimes you have to sacrifice some years for finishing studies before you go pro, which is not THAT bad in case gaming fails you there’s something to fall on. If you think you have the talent for it, make sure you have results to back it up and try to earn some money to prove your parents there’s a future for you in this and they will give you more room to focus on it.

19) What are your all-time favorite videogames? (beside lol of course heh)

19) World of Warcraft…by far.

20) if you could ban a champion forever, which one would it be?

20) Kindred


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