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Today we decided to ask 20 questions to our midlaner Larssen. We will go from League-related topics to more general curiosities. We hope to give you more information about our little beast 🙂

1) When did you start playing league of legends and why?

I started playing league back in s1 because i was watching my brother playing it and I eventually started.

2) Favorite Champions?

Zed and Fizz because they have high skillcap and they are assassins.

3) what’s your favorite food?

Swedish pizza.

4) Most important League of Legends achievement?

I dont think I have any big achievement but I would say winning ESL UK twice which gave me the chance to show in CSQ which made me get picked up by this team, also playing leaguefest with legends like Oddone , Dyrus, Voyboy and Lemonation was a very big chance for me.

5) Your strongest opponent?

Blanc or Jiizuke.

6) Your first “main” champion?

My first main champ was actually teemo… I was 11 and devil in game and irl

7) What tilts you the most?

what tilts me the most is not being productive (and bad soloq teammates)

8) What is your favorite item?

My favorite item was dfg… rip DFG.

9) What was your best soloQ rank?

I was rank 1 in s5 but that was because I was first to make challenger that season, my highest lp has been 950 lp.

10) Two things that you love (in general)

I love League of legends and other sports aswell like football.

11) Two things that you hate

I hate school and not being able to sleep

12) The two best CS Summer split teams?

RB and Shalke04

13) What’s your favorite italian food?

Man the pasta is lit in italia, some pizzas are also nice.

14) The best advice to climb the soloQ ladder?

Having good mental is everything, dont tilt and just focus and you will climb.

15) Your most fun teammate?

Everyone in my team is fun and I enjoy playing with them all.

16) Your favorite LCK player?

LZ BDD , this guy is a rookie who has been beasting this season in LCK, I really love to watch him in midlane.

17) Which champion would you like to play in competitive but was never allowed to?


18) Which superpower you wish you had (in real life)?

Being ginger is enough supoerpower for me.

19) What are your all-time favorite videogames? (beside lol of course heh)

COD 4 were good times.

20) If you could ban a champion forever, which one would it be?


thanks for cheering for us, we will do our best and practice hard to make you proud.

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