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1 more match, 1 more point: Wind And Rain vs Paris Saint-Germain

POSTED BY WAR Awaking July 15, 2017

Sunday at 15:00 there will be the fifth week of the European Challenger Series 2017. After the win vs Origen we need another point to go to Playoff for LCS. We’ll need again all your energy follow us, follow the Storm. #StormofWAR


Wind And Rain Roster:

IGN Name
Top Laner Sweden Jwaow Jesper Strandgren
Jungler United Kingdom Dan Daniel Hockley
Mid Laner Sweden Larssen Emil Larsson
AD Carry Poland Woolite Paweł Pruski
Support Romania AoD Baltat Alin

How to watch

You can watch the Challenger Series live on lolesports or on the Riot spoiler-free VODs page once each match is finished. The full match schedule is available here.

Vi ricordiamo l’appuntamento di domani, a partire dalle 15, con le Challenger Series EU di #LOL, commentate da Ferakton​ e Nurarhionn​! SEGUI LA DIRETTA su!